5 Tips to Fix Comfast Keeps Dropping Connection Issue

5 Tips to Fix Comfast Keeps Dropping Connection Issue

The Comfast WiFi range extender has improved existing WiFi signals and made previously unusable areas accessible. These little gadgets boost your router’s signal so that all of your devices, even those in the furthest reaches of your home, can connect to the internet. The Comfast boasts a bewildering array of features, but it also comes with its fair share of headaches. A typical issue is that Comfast keeps dropping the connection. Users try to perform Comfast WiFi extender reset in order to get the issue fixed. However, it is the last card to be pulled off.

If you are also thinking of resetting your extender then wait. We fully appreciate where you’re at right now. Consequently, we have compiled this tutorial to help you rapidly restore WiFi access and spare you the trouble. While it’s not always obvious, there’s typically a rationale behind problems, and Comfast is no different. Inadequate network conditions, poor network configuration, and other problems might all prevent you from getting the most out of your Comfast WiFi. Now is the time to take the plunge and talk about what’s causing this issue and how we can fix it.

Fixed: Comfast Extender Keeps Dropping Connection

Fix 1: Check Your WiFi Plan

The first possible cause is that your WiFi signal is weak. As you may imagine, this issue can become frustrating if your WiFi network’s storage capacity has been exhausted.

A possible workaround would be to determine whether you have used the allotted amount of data on your WiFi plan. If that’s the case, your current WiFi service needs upgrading. If the story is different, then you can rely on the next hack for getting things resolved.

Fix 2: Say Goodbye to Interference

Second, there is interference with your WiFi. This may occur if, for example, the channel you’re using is shared with other users, or if other nearby electronics are interfering with your WiFi signal. Appliances like this include microwaves, refrigerators, mobile phones, baby monitors, and Bluetooth devices.

The solution is to place your Comfast wireless range extender in a location free of potential interference sources. When setting up your Comfast WiFi, it’s a good idea to put the extender up high so that the signals from it may reach all of your devices without being blocked by the other ones.

Fix 3: Update the Firmware

The third possible reason for internet slowdown is outdated firmware on your range extender. Update your devices’ firmware to make use of these new features and any that your WiFi version may have added.

You might not be aware but updating the Comfast firmware helps in fixing minor bugs that your device falls victim to while working. Additionally, it improves your extender’s security. Thus, update it to get the issue fixed in hand.

Fix 3: Cut Off Surplus Devices

Fourth, if your WiFi is constantly dropping connections, it may be overcrowded. Numerous gadgets might be connected to your network. Know that the internet speed automatically drops when there is heavy incoming traffic on the network.

To solve this problem, you may use the following scenario: your extender supports up to 20 devices, but you’ve connected more than that. Your Comfast equipment is unable to provide internet service to all of your devices. So, link as many gadgets as can to communicate with your WiFi.

Fix 5: Configure the Extender Properly

Your Comfast WiFi range extender might have been improperly configured, which brings you to the issue you are facing. So, consider setting up your Comfast extender from scratch. With that being said, you should know how toreset Comfast WiFi extender. For this, you can refer to the extender’s handbook.

Additional Suggestion: Before carrying out the preceding steps, check with your Internet Service Provider to ensure that you have enough WiFi. The issue might be at the end of your internet service provider.


We know how frustrating it is when your Internet stops working. This post was written with the intention of helping you fix the Comfast extender internet keeps dropping connection problem as soon as possible.

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