Victony Extender Lights On But No Internet? Let’s Fix It!

Victony Extender Lights On But No Internet? Let’s Fix It!

What to do if your Victony extender’s lights are on but you have no internet connection on your mobile device or connected computer? Learn what the extender’s blinking LED lights mean to solve the “Internet light is on, but I have no connection” conundrum.

If you’ve done Victony setup properly and your extender’s light is blinking but you still can’t go online, you’ll need to follow this step-by-step guide to fixing the problem. There will be no disruptions in service caused by an ISP going down, a broken or disconnected internet connection, an extender that has been stuck after being on for too long, out-of-date software, or a broken extender. If your Victony extender’s lights are on but you still have no internet connection, try each of the troubleshooting steps listed above in order.

Fixed: Victony Extender Lights On But No Internet

1. Issues with Your Internet Service Provider

To confirm if the Internet is down from the internet service provider side, just contact customer care and ask if there is any service outage in your location that reason your internet connection is down even if extender lights are still on and flashing green. If there is no service outage issue from the internet provider’s side then move to the next remedy.

2. WAN Cable Connection Loose or Unplugged

Check the WAN port on your extender to see if the cable is plugged in, and see whether the Cox cable is hooked into the wall outlet if you have a Docsis modem or the DSL line is plugged into the splitter and socket if you have a DSL modem. To check for loose connections, just disconnect and re-insert the cable. Restart the Victony extender and wait a few minutes if no internet problem is addressed.

3. Technical Glitches

For some reason, the extender has been permanently frozen after being left on for an extended time. The extender is an Electric power Device hence it has to refresh after several times duration to cool down. If you continue using the extender for many months without letting it power cycle and switch it off for a few minutes to make it cool down then the extender might freeze and you will have no internet issue.

Remove the adapter’s DC plug and wait for the power supply to drain for a few minutes before turning the adapter off at the wall. If the extender is the source of the problem, turn it back on and try to access the VictonyWiFi extender setup wizard. Are you able to?

4. Outdated Firmware

Sometimes an extender may not automatically update its firmware for whatever reason, and this might be the cause of the problem. If your extender isn’t downloading the newest firmware automatically, you may update it yourself by following the instructions in the handbook.

If your extender is a compatible model, you can get the most recent firmware update by going to the Victony Support webpage. After logging in to your extender using a web browser, you may see its model and firmware version, as well as access its status page.

5. Flush DNS Cache

The DNS cache may be damaged if your computer is unable to connect to the internet even though the lights on your Victony WiFi range extender are on. If the information is damaged, you won’t be able to see any websites. Therefore, the issue may be fixed by clearing the DNS cache. Simply open a run dialogue by pressing the Windows key plus R and then typing in “cmd” on your computer. When the prompt appears, type “ipconfig” and hit Enter.

Closing Remarks

If you’re having trouble following the instructions above or if the suggested remedy isn’t working for your Victony extender, your best bet is to reset your Victony WiFi range extender and reconfigure it from scratch. The setup instructions can be found in the Victony WiFi extender manual. Thanks for reading the post.

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