Kara Andrade has been named editor in chief of Carolina Public Press

 Kara Andrade has been named editor-in-chief of Carolina Public Press

Carolina Public Press, an independent, nonprofit news media organization, announced today the appointment of Kara Andrade as editor-in-chief to oversee the publication’s news operations.
“I’m thrilled to welcome Kara to the team,” said Angie Newsome, founder and executive director of Carolina Public Press. “She brings extensive hands-on investigative reporting and editing experience, as well as a deep understanding of storytelling through a variety of media, citizen journalism, and community outreach, to this role.” She will assist us in establishing and nurturing relationships with diverse and bilingual populations across the state, as well as in telling in-depth and investigative stories that are often overlooked. “I am confident that her energy and experience will help propel Carolina Public Press forward.”
Andrade, who lives in Durham, North Carolina, has over twenty years of experience in news entrepreneurship, communications research, and multimedia reporting.
Al Jazeera America, Americas Quarterly, The Associated Press, The Christian Science Monitor, CNN, France 24, Global Post, The Huffington Post, National Public Radio, The New York Times, and others have published her work.
As an Ashoka fellow and Fulbright scholar, she co-founded HablaCentro Informatics NFP and LLC in Guatemala, a network of Latin American citizen journalism and information-sharing hubs. Andrade is also an adjunct professor and Ph.D. candidate at the School of Communication at American University.
“I am thrilled to be joining Carolina Public Press’s talented team,” Andrade said. “They don’t just claim to cover under-reported stories in underserved communities; they actually do it.” That’s the type of team I’d like to report to, learn from, and grow with for many years.”

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